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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 2

2_Gropa_CMC_1970_f3q.jpg (30117 bytes)The Gropa CMC of Mike Scott retired after two laps in Race 2. This car runs in the same class as the Toj and the GRD, originally it used to be entered in the 2-litre prototypes class of both the European and the British Sportscar Championship. RitzSite visitor Philippe Demeyer from Belgium informed me that this spyder conversion of a Chevron B8 was carried out by designers Andy Mylius and Bob Curl, which explains the CMC model name: Chevron-Mylius-Curl.

2_Gropa_CMC_1970.jpg (24353 bytes)This profile-shot of the Gropa gives you an idea of the size of the car. The shiny chrome wheels give it some extra flair and look a whole lot better than the mat dark ones you see on some cars.
Philippe Demeyer mentioned that later Gropa cars were complete original designs and not modified Chevrons.

2_Lola_T70_crash.jpg (40037 bytes)The classic Lola T70 of Nigel Barrett didn't complete a full lap in Race 2. It went off the road in a corner on the first lap and stalled. The rescue-marshals had to tow it away, as you see on the picture, while the rest of the field streamed past. In Race 1 Nigel Barrett managed to finish his venerable Lola in 9th place.
The Zandvoort rescue-marshals didn't seem quite up to par yet. On some occasions the endangered themselves and others with clumsy or inattentive actions. Also the flag-signaling left a lot to be desired.

2_McLaren_M8F_1971.jpg (34789 bytes)Also not completing the first lap was Peter Hoffman in his McLaren M8F. He encountered some traction problems on the slippery track and found it impossible to control the power of the huge engine in his car. Unfortunately he soon ended up in a gravel pit next to track.

2_McLaren_M8C_1969.jpg (32803 bytes)Least lucky of all was Dutchman Duncan Huisman in the McLaren M8C. In Race 1 he only managed to do 2 laps before retiring and in Race 2 he didn't even get off the starting grid after the warm-up lap.
Huisman is not a regular in this series. He leased the car, driven by Jürgen Weiler in the 1997 race, for the occasion. Normally he enters in Dutch touring car races. Duncan is the brother of two-times Porsche cup winner Patrick Huisman. Driving this brute and temperamental beast took more getting used too than he probably imagined.

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