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The International Supersports Cup

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The International Supersports Cup (I.S.C.) is a series for "classic" prototype sportscar racing. Racingcars from the sixties and seventies are allowed, most of them of the old FIA Group 7 type. Group 7 cars are best known from the first Can-Am series, which was from 1966 till 1974. The European equivalent of that was the Interseries, much less famous than the Can-Am challenge cup, but it continued much longer.
Group 7 cars were virtually unrestricted and that made for very spectacular cars and racing. Certainly in the USA the cars were extreme. Mostly aluminium Chevrolet engines were used with displacements up to 9 litre and a power output in some cases over 1100 hp. The cars were fitted with all kinds of wings, suction devices and aerodynamic gadgets to keep all that power on the road. The only rules Group 7 started out with were that the cars had to be open-cockpit, closed-body and had to have two seats and two doors. More rules were added over the years, mainly for safety reasons, but Group 7 remained to be a "free" formula.

Sportcars always have had a strong following and the "supercar" aspect appeals to a lot of autosport fans. Therefore it's not surprising that outdated sportscars didn't disappear into museums or static collections, but continued being raced by enthusiasts. A number of these enthusiasts started the I.S.C., one of the finest series in Historic Motorsport. The Group 7 cars (and similar cars from the same era) were given a new lease of life and are driven in anger in races all over Europe. The I.S.C. came to the Zandvoort circuit in both August 1997 and 1999, were the pictures in this tour were taken.
If you ever have the opportunity to attend a I.S.C. race, do so. The experience of thundering big-block V8's, stressed to the max, passing you at high speed is one you won't easily forget. I hope that this special RitzSite tour gives you a good impression of this spectacular series!

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