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Classic AutoRAI 99: post-war cars:


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Westland-Healey_Convertible_1947_f3q.jpg (50213 bytes)Westland-Healey or Healey-Westland? According to the owner it's a Westland-Healey, a car developed by famous British sportscar designer Donald Healey and built in the Westland Aircraft factory to fill some of the excess production space after the war-production had ended. In car documentation on the other hand you're far more likely to find it as Healey-Westland.

Westland-Healey_Convertible_1947_side.jpg (50414 bytes)This curvy car was one of the first to carry the Healey name. After working for companies like Triumph Donald Healey started producing his own cars in 1946 on a limited scale. These first cars were fitted with pre-war Riley engines and components and were available with bodywork from Elliot (coupé), Duncan (two-door saloon), Abott (drophead coupé) and as this Westland convertible. In general these early Healeys are referred to as the 2.4 litre models, after the engine displacement.
A Healey-Elliot coupé won its class in the 1948 Mille Miglia race, establishing the Healey name as a true sportscar manufacturer.

Westland-Healey_Convertible_1947_r3q.jpg (48896 bytes)Only 87 Westland convertibles have been produced between 1946 and 1950. Its 2443 cc engine was good for 105 hp @ 4500 rpm and a maximum speed of 170 kph. As you can see on the pictures its canvas top is only rudimentary; this car was meant to be driven open.
Given the history, the special ring of the Healey name and the rarity of these cars its surprising to find that their value nowadays is that of a modern, regular middle-class car, although the convertible models are worth somewhat more than the coupés and saloons.

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