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Classic AutoRAI 99: post-war cars:

Alfa Romeo

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Alfa_Romeo_6C_2500_SS_Cabriolet_Pininfarina_1950_f3q.jpg (59959 bytes)The fist car model to come out of the Italian Alfa Romeo factory after the second World War was the 6C 2500. It was designed in 1939 as a grand tourer, luxurious and a bit bulky but filled with the great pre-war Alfa Romeo heritage. This model line was produced up to 1952.
These cars were very expensive and not what post-war Italy was waiting for, so they remained very rare. Production totaled about 1,451 units. Most of the cars were fitted with beautiful tailor-made bodywork from one of the many famous Italian coachbuilders. This car has a wonderful and elegant convertible body by Pininfarina.

Alfa_Romeo_6C_2500_SS_Cabriolet_Pininfarina_1950_r3q.jpg (57119 bytes)The 6C 2500 had a straight 6-cylinder engine with 2,5 litre displacement (hence the name). As standard these engines produced 90 hp @ 4600 rpm, but in this Super Sprint version the power output was increased to 110 hp @ 5500 rpm. With a vehicle weight of 1650 kg it could reach a top speed of about 160 kph.
No more than a few hundred have been made of this particular version and nowadays a beautiful example like the one on these pictures is very valuable.

Alfa_Romeo_1900_SS_Ghia_Aigle_1955_f3q.jpg (51718 bytes)The Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina was the companies first production car. It was introduced in 1950 and was an immediate success. In 1954 followed the sportscar versions of this type like the Sprint, the Super Sprint (SS) and the convertible. Also a choice of special bodywork designs were available from various coachbuilders like Ghia and Zagato.
The standard engine in this model line had a displacement of 1884 cc and produced 100 hp @ 5500 rpm which made a remarkable top speed of 180 kph possible for the sportscar versions. The Super (Sprint) versions had the same 4-cylinder engine with an enlarged capacity of 1975 cc and 115 hp @ 5500 rpm. Top speed was up to 190 kph for the coupé versions.

Alfa_Romeo_1900_SS_Ghia Aigle_1955_r3q.jpg (57351 bytes)This 1900 Super Sprint was specially made for the Geneva car show of 1955. The convertible body style was designed by Ghia of Italy and it was built by French coachbuilder Aigle. It has wonderful flowing lines and in my opinion it's prettier than the better known convertible by Touring of Milan (91 produced).

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