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1966 Pontiac model range: Peder's Parisienne 427 Custom-Sport convertible

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1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_Custom-Sport_convertibleThis extremely rare Pontiac Parisienne convertible resides in Sweden. It has been fitted with the Custom-Sport package, including the huge and powerful 427 cid V8 engine. According to owner Peder Behr only 12 of these were built.
Remarkably this car shows the front end of the Grande Parisienne rather than that of the regular Parisienne, lacking the usual horizontal divider bars in the grill.

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_Custom-Sport_convertibleAll around this car has an intimidating muscle-car look. The racy white stripes accentuating the sides of the body indicate the performance ambitions of the car, as do the special rims. The rear end treatment is standard Parisienne. The panels underneath the lower side trim line however are unusual.

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_Custom-Sport_convertibleA wonderful spotless interior with bucket seats in creamy leather and a standard Parisienne dashboard. This car has a 3-speed automatic transmission, which can be operated by the lever on the console between the front seats. In the more modest Parisienne models with bench seats this lever was located on the steering column behind the steering wheel.

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_Custom-Sport_convertible_427_cid_engineThe most remarkable part of this car is its engine: a 390 hp V8 displacing 427 cubic inches, equal to about 7 litres. Like the 396 cid engine of Carl's Parisienne convertible this is a Chevrolet unit rather than a Pontiac. In 1966 the largest Pontiac engine option available in the US measured 421 cid (6.9 litres), so this Canadian produced Pontiac had an even bigger engine than its US-American counterpart.
In 1966 there was only one Chevrolet car available in the US with this engine: the most potent Corvette Sting Ray. In this sports car this "Mk IV big block" engine was an option where the customer could choose between a power output of 390 hp or even 425 hp. From 1967 this engine became optional to most Chevrolet (SS) models, where Pontiac introduced an even larger 428 cid engine option for the Catalina range.
With the massive engine depicted here the Parisienne hardly had an equal and must have been a competent drag racer. A true muscle-car undeservedly obscured by its Canadian birthplace and too impractical for export. This, and probably its high selling price, must be the reason so few of these have left the factory.

Thanks for the pictures of your unique car, Peder!

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