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1966 Pontiac model range: Carl's Parisienne 396 SS convertible

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1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_convertibleRitzSite visitor Carl Sucro submitted these pictures of his rare Pontiac Parisienne convertible. Though it seems to be missing some pieces of trim, it's a great looking car.

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_convertibleThis picture accentuates the distinct coke-bottle styling of the Parisienne. On the sides of the body the lines of the edges come closer to form sort of a waist behind the doors, after which they expand again to a voluptuous rear end. It's a smart and popular styling gimmick which makes for a natural, muscular look.

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_convertible_interiorWhere the body of the car is well-rounded, its dash is remarkably squarish. The rev counter on the left side of the dashboard is not standard. This car is fitted with a 4-speed manual transmission, operated by the gear lever between the seats. And just look at that wonderful cream colored upholstery...

1966_Pontiac_Parisienne_convertible_396_cid_engineCarl's Parisienne came from the factory in Canada with a 396 SS V8 engine (6.5 litre displacement) with electronic ignition. It drives a 330 ratio Posi-Track rear axle which I'm sure makes it a competent sprinter. This engine certainly looks like something to be reckoned with.
There was even a larger engine option available for the Parisienne: a 427 cid V8 (7 litre displacement; see next page). These big engines were strictly for the North American market and weren't exported to Europe.

Thanks for the pictures, Carl!

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