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Marlboro Masters 1998:

The Marlboro Renault Mégane Trophy

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Very few pictures on this page because the actual race just lasted one and a half lap. After that, there was a massive smash-up in the last corner before the main straight. The race was then red flagged. Taking care of the damage and the debris took too much time and the next race (the main event: the formula 3 race) had to start on time, so the race was cancelled. This was much to the dislike of the drivers, who spent a lot of time and money to prepare for this race. Thanks to a well-known guest driver, a TV-commentator by the name of Olav Mol, the race was later rescheduled at the end of the day. By then I was already standing in line in front of the railway station to get home, so have no pictures of the re-run.

R12.jpg (36410 bytes)Racing in the Renault Mégane Trophy is often fierce and close, as shown by these two drivers. Crashes are common and very few cars end the race undamaged. A crash as heavy as in this race however is unusual. It was probably caused by over-enthusiasm stimulated by the large crowd watching. Normally there are about 5.000 to 10.000 spectators attending a race, and now there were approximately 80.000.

R13.jpg (43940 bytes)Duncan Stutterheim diving to the inside of Martijn Braspenning. Duncan had a massive shunt a few races ago (with two rolls and then into the barrier) and had to rebuild his car. It's admirable that he's back on the pace again so soon.

R14.jpg (34174 bytes)...and out of the corner into the next. Martijn Braspenning holds his line and stays ahead from Duncan Stutterheim.
The Renault Mégane Trophy is a semi-low budget one make racing class. Most drivers are amateurs with no racing career in mind. Exceptions are Michael and Sebastian Bleekemolen, a father and son team. Father Michael has already had an impressive racing career, topped by a formula one drive for Shadow in the late seventies. Son Sebastian tries to follow in his fathers footsteps and has won two races in this Trophy this year. His younger brother Jeroen races a Formula Ford Zetec car rather successfully in the Benelux championship.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the massive crash before the main straight; I only saw it on the big videoscreen because I was somewhere else on the track. If you do have and want me to publish them, E-mail me.

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