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Featured Presentation #1:

Marlboro Masters 1998 at Zandvoort

The Marlboro Masters is a motorsport event that takes place every year at the circuit of Zandvoort, Holland.

The main venue is the formula three race, the Marlboro Masters of Formula 3, which is one of the most important stepping stones for young racing drivers in the world. In spite of the importance of this race and the high stakes, it's often not the most exciting race of the day. The whole day is a motorsport showcase with many different (Dutch) racing classes and some demonstrations full of excitement. The set-up is typically Dutch: there's no entrance fee, you can go where you want on the circuit (except on the track of course) and it has the atmosphere of a carnival to it.

This site gives you a visual impression of the Marlboro Masters that took place on August the 9th, 1998. The pages are divided into the different races; click on one of the pictures below to enter the page(s) devoted to the race it represents. Enjoy!

MITS.gif (32111 bytes) The Auto Trader Dutch Touring Car Championship



RENAULT.gif (25633 bytes)The Marlboro Renault Mégane Trophy



F3.gif (30674 bytes) The Marlboro Masters of Formula 3



DEMO.gif (26537 bytes)Demonstrations



CLASSIC.gif (28990 bytes) Historic Grand Prix Cars



PORSCHE.gif (31848 bytes)Ferrari-Porsche Challenge






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