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Lark - 1960

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Studebaker was one of the last independent car manufacturers of America with a history that goes back as far as 1852. The Lark was the last real attempt of the company at breaking the stranglehold of the big three (GM, Ford and Crysler) on the American car market. It was far ahead of its time, being a small compact car with European looks and without the until then popular tail fins. Its introduction in 1959 was successful and the company made a nice profit that first year, but due to a change of management and an irrational marketing strategy the success stopped in 1960. In 1963 Studebaker ceased car production in its main facility at South Bend, Indiana. In Canada Studebaker continued production until 1966 on a small scale.
On these pages RitzSite offers you an overview of the 1960 Lark models, still in their original design. Most pictures are Studebaker advertising material. Compare these pictures to those of other 1960's cars, even the European ones, and you'll see how modern these Larks actually were and how undeserved their unpopularity on the classic car market is.
The pages are set up as a tour: by clicking on the arrows at the top or bottom of the pages you can go to the next or the previous page. This page is the beginning and end of the tour.

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