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Lancia Coupés & Convertibles 1950 - 1980

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As one of the survivors of the old established Italian car manufacturers Lancia has had a checkered history. Founded in 1907 by engineer and racing driver Vincenzo Lancia the company distinguished itself by innovative designs and production methods. But also by uncompromising holding on to its own traditions and techniques even when that spelled commercial failure. Lancias were usually sold to loyal customers who appreciated the make's original and self-willed cars, and that proved to be a stable base for the company until the 1960s. Most Lancias were traditionally sold in Italy, but the fame of the marque was worldwide and its cars found admirers around the globe.
Lancia has held a specific place in the Italian car scene as a manufacturer of high quality middle- to upper-class cars. Their cars usually were better performers and more expensive than Fiat's and less exotic and aristocratic than Alfa Romeo's products from before 1950. With the post-war turn of Alfa Romeo to mass production they directly challenged Lancia's more profitable place in the market which very much influenced the fortunes and future of the company. For decades both Alfa Romeo and Lancia offered competing models and ultimately, in a way, Alfa Romeo was more successful.
During that period Lancia introduced an intriguing number of inspired coupes and convertibles which drew the necessary attention to the marque and gave the more regular production models more luster and fame. Italy's best designers and engineers showed their brilliance in these models, possibly in order to deflect attention from competitors like Alfa Romeo, but also to satisfy the desire to create something beautiful. Without exception these models became cherished classics and formed the avant-garde which shaped modern automotive styling.

Plenty of reason also to look back at these special cars and to create this tour on RitzSite. It will show you the most important coupe and convertible models produced by Lancia during its most creative post-war period. Since there were quite many of these models it will be an elaborate tour, so take your time to look around. This tour is based around the following model ranges; if your interested in a specific model range you can jump straight to it by clicking on the links provided below:

Lancia Aurelia (1950 - 1958)
Lancia Appia (1953 - 1963)
Lancia Flaminia (1957 - 1970)
Lancia Flavia (1961 -1974) - under construction
Lancia Fulvia (1963 - 1976) - under construction
Lancia Beta (1972 - 1984) - under construction
Lancia Stratos (1976 - 1984) - under construction

Have fun checking out these wonderful cars from a period when artistry was still a factor in styling a production car.

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