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Fiat Otto Vu: the obscure sports car

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There are cars which are so rare and unique that only real enthusiasts are aware of their existence. A good example of that is the Fiat 8V, or in Italian: Otto Vu. Fiat is best known for its affordable mass produced cars and not many people associate this manufacturer with exotic sports cars. But connoisseurs know of this small series of exiting thoroughbred competition sports cars which left huge Fiat factory during 1952-1954.
Only 114 8V models were produced and these cars were not a commercial success, but in sports car races they were highly competitive and credited with many victories. This, and the fact that the cars were fitted with some of the best and most beautiful bodywork designs from that era, ensured that the 8V became an instant classic, cherished by its owners. And so, remarkably, almost all produced 8V models are still in existence. Most of these cars have a well documented history and fetch exorbitant prices at classic car auctions.
It's not often that you'll see a Fiat 8V, obviously. Most of them are in private collections spread across the world, some are displayed in museums. But in this tour RitzSite will show you around a number of these remarkable cars.

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