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F1 History:

FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Cars

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Did you ever wonder what becomes of Grand Prix cars when they're obsolete? Do the teams just wheel them off into a factory museum, or do they scrap them for parts? In some cases they probably do, but most of the time old Grand Prix cars are sold. The teams need the money and there are enough rich racing fans who love to own such a car. But what can you do with your second hand Grand Prix car? Well, of course you can put it in your garage and look at it from time to time, but it is a much better idea to do with it what it was made for in the first place: racing!
For those who want to race their second hand, recent historic Grand Prix cars the FIA has introduced the Cup for Thoroughbred Grand Prix Cars. All normally aspirated Grand Prix cars that were built according to the Formula One regulations which were in effect between 1966 and 1985 can be entered in this series, providing they were entered and successfully scrutinized at an international Formula One event.
The people who bought a second hand turbo-charged Formula One car from the following era will have to wait or organize their own races because there is no special series for those cars. In the Thoroughbred series only the good old 3 litre V8 and V12 engines are allowed. Do the names Cosworth DFV, Repco and BRM V12 still ring a bell? And ofcourse the Ferrari flat & V12's and the Alfa Romeo V8's....

If you remember and enjoy the Formula One cars of the innovative rear-engined 3 litre era before they were swept away by those pesky turbo cars, you'll like the Thoroughbred Grand Prix Cars series. To give you a taste of what to expect, this RitzSite tour shows you a number of cars that were entered in a 1996 Thoroughbred GP Cars race. Somehow the memories those cars provoke seem much better than the F1 races nowadays...

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