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DAF_Kini.jpg (52638 bytes)Over the time some special cars have been created based on DAFs. Especially the automatic transmissions incorporated in the DAF cars made them attractive for creating lightweight, easy to drive fun cars.
The car on the picture on the left is the "DAF Kini" of 1967. It's designed by Giovanni Michelotti and based on the DAF Daffodil 32. This car was a gift of the DAF company to the Dutch royal family on the occasion of the birth of a prince. The name of that prince, Willem-Alexander, first son of current Queen (still princess back then) Beatrix and Prince Claus and now first in line for the throne, is mentioned on the sides of the car, just before the front wheels.
The royal family used it for many years as a beach car in their Italian summer resort Porto Ercole. Now it is on display in the Dutch DAF museum.

DAF33_buggy_f3q.jpg (53079 bytes)This buggy-like car is a prototype of beach car based on a DAF 33. It's a one-off built by the DAF company in the late sixties. It has a glassfiber body with some retro styling, as usual for dune-buggies.

DAF33_buggy_r3q.jpg (46635 bytes)These pictures were taken at a display of the Dutch DAF club in 1999. The whole setting of that display was based on a "summer on the beach" theme, complete with surfboards and sand on the floor.
An other special car based on the DAF 33 worth to be mentioned is the "HAVAS". The HAVAS was a kind of a convertible looking a bit like a CitroŽn Mehari. It was the idea of a DAF dealer in Rotterdam who cut off the roof of a DAF 33 and removed the doors. The bodywork was strengthened and a folding canvas top was fitted, along with removable doorframes lined with canvas. A few dozens of these cars were sold and used in sunnier places than The Netherlands or as promotional vehicles (like in the Tour de France).

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