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DAF is the best known Dutch truck and car manufacturer. This family business started out as a trailer factory, but just after the second world war production of trucks and later cars was taken up. The make is most renown for it's original approach and innovative developments. This part of RitzSite is dedicated to DAF; the following pages are filled with scanned DAF advertising material and original pictures.
The pages are set up as a tour: by clicking on the arrows at the top or bottom of the pages you can go to the next or the previous page. There are two DAF-tours on RitzSite: one tour that concentrates on colorful drawings (of well-known artist Charles Burki) and pictures of trucks from the early sixties and one about the DAF passenger cars. This page is the beginning and end of the second tour: DAF passenger cars.
Go to the DAF historic truck documentation tour by clicking this link.

If you have comments or original DAF picture material you want us to publish, E-mail the RitzSite Webmaster:

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