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1968 model range

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Nowadays the French Citroen factory mass-produces rather plain saloon cars which are often Peugeot hand-me-downs. But before the takeover by Peugeot in 1975 Citroen took pride in designing unconventional, innovating and practical cars. Those designs weren't always pretty to look at, but all of them were very special.
In its rich history Citroen has had many ups and downs. The late sixties was the last golden period the factory had; all cars in the range sold well, the technical designs were trend-setting and the company was looking to expand. In this high complacency was lurking; wrong strategic decisions and ineffective investments lead to the downfall of the company in the early seventies and made it an easy target for former rival Peugeot.
The 1968 range gives a good overview of what Citroen was all about in that last golden period. The range comprised the ever popular 2cv, its more luxurious sister Dyane, the odd Ami, the sleek and classic DS and ID, the voluminous Break and the utilitarian AZU, AK and of course the H type panel van. RitzSite takes a trip to the recent past and gives you an impression of all these models that made the Citroen name immortal for everybody over thirty.

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