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h_woodpanel.jpg (16468 bytes)This is the standard cattle van version of the H, showing that fitting custom bodywork behind the cabin area was no problem. The advised maximum cargo area dimensions were 4.44 metre internal length and 17.80 m2 cargo space.

The scheme below shows the standard dimensions of the H in millimetres.

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Although the H actually was a very crude design it was and still is very much loved. A number of H vans are still on the road on a regular basis, carefully maintained by their owners who mostly have converted their H to campers. The H was succeeded by the H15/25 in the mid seventies, a much more "normal" design.

Technical data for the H (diesel version):


Linear 4 cylinder 4 stroke water-cooled, 50 SAE hp @ 4000 rpm. Top speed: 88 kph.


4 gears forward, 2nd, 3rd and 4th synchronized. Drum brakes on all wheels. Rigid rear axle with coil springs; independent front wheel suspension. Front wheel drive.


Length: 426 cm, width: 199 cm and height 230 cm. Weight: 1400 kg. Wheelbase: 252 cm. Trackwidth front: 163 cm; rear: 166 cm. Loading capacity: 1600 kg.


Available as panel van, pick-up or cattle van as standard; 60 cm. longer wheelbase is an option.

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