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Car1.JPG (40967 bytes)The Ariane was comparable to the German Ford Taunus and the American Ford Falcon of the same year. The size was about the same and its design was quite similar to that of the Taunus, while the Falcon looked more modern. It was also equally prized to the Taunus, but the Taunus was a bit shorter and had a bigger engine (1700 cc instead of 1300 cc) that delivered the same amount of power at lower rev's. The Falcon was technically totally different to them both and was a lot more expensive to buy in Europe.

Car2.JPG (22198 bytes)Filling the gap between the bread-and-butter Aronde and the upmarket Vedette, the Ariane was pictured as the car for upper middle class. The design tried to appeal to the American oriented fashion taste that was associated with that group in the late fifties.
To make the car look more stylish, the sleek line of the design is exaggerated in the advertisement drawings. In reality the front and back of the car were shorter and the car was rather plain to look at in single-tone paintwork.

Maten.JPG (64057 bytes)These more technical drawings show the real proportions of the car (in meters). It had a roomy interior, comparable in size to that of modern day cars like the Volkswagen Golf. A big boot was an other advantage of the car, the back and the seat of the back row could be removed to make the boot even bigger. All this made the car popular as a (second-hand) car for large families.

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