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Modified 1968 Mercedes 280 SL: 6.3 litre muscle car


What if you'd find a modern classic you like in a pitiful state, almost a wreck? There are a few options, depending on your abilities, preferences and financial situation: abandon it, restore it to its original splendor or transform it into your ultimate dream car. Doing things half-hearted only leads to disappointment, so if you do decide to restore the car make it like it was intended at the time it was manufactured. But if you have a vision, an image of what that car could have been or should have been and if you are or know someone skilled enough to realize it, what's stopping you?
Derek Jettmar of Clearwater, Florida, USA had such a vision when he found a deplorable 1968 Mercedes 280 SL. He took it upon himself to turn it into a rubber-burning roadster in true big-block muscle car tradition, far beyond what the esteemed German factory had ever intended. Maybe it's not to everybody's taste, but the workmanship and the resulting car are remarkable. The following pages show the transformation process and the amazing outcome. Take a look and see what must be the most powerful Pagoda-type SL around...

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