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280 SL - 1968

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The Mercedes-Benz 230-280 SL series continued the tradition of sporty open Grand Tourismo's (called Roadsters by Mercedes Benz) within the 1960's product range of this famous German manufacturer. It was the successor to both the 190 SL and the legendary 300 SL (the "gullwing" model) and as such a bit of a disappointment at the time. Its styling was considered boxy and its "pagoda"-styled optional hardtop (as seen on the picture above) was criticized.
Nowadays its popularity as a classic is rising; though it is not as powerful as the 300 SL and as curvy and voluptuous as the 190 SL, it is nimble and practical while the styling is delicate and well-balanced. All this translates to increasing prices on the classic car market for these cars, especially for the 280 SL model.
This tour shows you around this, in my opinion, beautiful car.

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