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RitzSite is about cars and car racing from an enthusiast's angle. It's non-commercial and has no fancy stuff, but it does have lots and lots of original pictures with commentaries. So, if you like cars and pictures, bookmark this page!

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New: Car Photo Archive

Car Photo Archive

The new RitzSite Car Photo Archive

I've decided to make my extensive archive of original car photos into a new segment of RitzSite. You can expect thousands of car pictures taken at car shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The pictures have been organized by make and by car show and all pictures have been identified by make, model and model year or year of manufacture. New pictures will appear almost every day. You can just browse it or perhaps use it as a source of information. The pictures are available in various sizes, you can select your preference by clicking the "Photo sizes" icon on the right below the title bar on the album or picture page. It's also possible to watch the pictures in a slide show. If you want to see what's new you can select Discover > Recent photos in the menu at the top of the page.

If you like cars and pictures, why not take a look by clicking the picture above?

© André Ritzinger, Amsterdam, Holland


Makes & Models:



Alfa Romeo SZ & RZ 1989-1993: The Monster
(3 pages)

Bugatti Type 57: the crown on the myth
(7 pages)

Citroen 1968 model range
(12 pages)

DAF cars
(general overview, 18 pages)

DAF trucks 1960-1962
(13 pages)

DKW 1000Sp 1957-1965: Baby Thunderbird
(3 pages)

Fiat Otto Vu: the obscure sports car
(4 pages + 30 pictures on 2 thumbnail pages)

Fiat Dino: a poor man's Ferrari
(4 pages + 48 pictures on 3 thumbnail pages)

Ford, the early models 1903-1908
(5 pages)

Ford Model T 1909-1927
(31 pictures on 2 thumbnail pages)

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL 1952-1963
(6 pages)

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL 1955-1963
(7 pages)

Mercedes-Benz 280 SL 1968
(7 pages; including also the 230 SL and 250 SL models)

Pontiac 1966 (export) range
(12 pages)

Spyker: one century of exotic cars
(14 pages)

Studebaker Lark 1960
(11 pages)

Studebaker 1963 model range
(5 pages)

Simca Ariane 1960
(3 pages)

1st Concours d'elegance Paleis Het Loo 1999
(14 pages)

AutoRAI 2007: the concept cars
(11 pages)

AutoRAI 2005: the concept cars
(11 pages)

AutoRAI 2003: the concept cars
(11 pages)

AutoRAI 2001: the concept cars
(9 pages)

AutoRAI 1999; the concept cars
(9 pages)

AutoRAI 1999: the new cars
(11 pages)

Classic AutoRAI 99: pre-war cars
(14 pages)

Classic AutoRAI 99: post-war cars
(14 pages)

Centenarian cars
(4 pages)

F1 History: FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Cars
(6 pages)

International Supersports Cup
(14 pages)

Marlboro Masters 1999 at Zandvoort
(12 pages)

Marlboro Masters 1998 at Zandvoort
(15 pages)

The Shelby Decade:

AC Shelby Cobra 1962-1967: the serpent icon
(7 pages)

Sunbeam Tiger 1964-1967: the other predator
(4 pages)

Ford Shelby Mustang 1965-1970: the pony with a bite
(9 pages + 32 pictures on 2 thumbnail pages)

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